Friday, August 29, 2014

Now Hiring an Operating Room Educator for Missouri!

Living in the Mid-West - CLOSED

Now hiring an Operating Room Nurse Educator for a 100+bed hospital in East MO! Combine your nursing experience with your passion for teaching and guiding the nurses of tomorrow! See details below.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Now Hiring: Director of Perioperative Services for Central, FL


Now hiring a Director of Perioperative Services for a 200+ bed nonprofit hospital in Central Florida! The Director will be responsible for 6 ORs and 1 Cysto/Procedure room. Also adding a new tower that will bring 5 more ORs and 5 new Procedure rooms. More details below. Please send Resume to for additional information about this position.

Why Central FL?

  • Less than 1 hour to Disney World, Sea World, and other popular Orlando attractions!
  • Less than 100 miles to Clearwater / Tampa!
  • Less than 4 hours to Miami! 

Living in Central Florida

"Central Florida offers a lower cost of living than the coastal areas. This area is home for about 75,000 residents age 55 and older, and this is the city that never sleeps, because its residents are active. Most everyone cruised in a golf cart even if they’re not golfers, around the more than 50 square mile community. It is the preferred method of transportation (tunnels were built so you don’t have to cross any major street). You would need a car if you wanted to leave, but most people ask, why would you want to leave? The hospital, churches, shopping restaurants, schools, golf, swimming pools, polo field, softball fields, movie theatres and on are all within golf car distance.

If you are looking for a gentle climate, thousands of active, happy, people and an affordable cost of living, this may be the place for you. Restaurants, movies, shopping, medical facilities, and 30 plus golf courses are all within golf car distance." (1)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Now Hiring: Director of Surgical Services for Phoenix, AZ

Ever considered living in Phoenix?

Now hiring a Director of Surgical Services for Phoenix! See details below. For more information about living in Phoenix, check out these articles.  

Phoenix Traffic
TRAFFIC - We all complain about traffic. The truth is, Phoenix has the lightest traffic of any big city in America. And the grid system, well, no one complains about that -- it makes life a lot easier.

Now Hiring: Director Nursing Surgical Services for Las Vegas, NV

Ready for a Change?

Now hiring a Director Surgical Services for Vegas! Read the article, Five Things You Must Know Before Moving to Las Vegas.  See position details below and send a resume to Our recruiter will respond to all inquiries within 48 hours. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Job Board vs. The Recruiter

Recruiters work directly with the Hiring Manager

The article "Job Board vs. The Recruiter" posted by Softworld, a technology staffing company, gives some explanations of why job seekers are better off being represented by a recruiter vs. applying directly on job boards.

"When you are looking to apply to jobs, most candidates first thought is to check out job boards and send their resume online; however, many candidates end up never hearing back from a hiring manager and their resume is simply lost in the Internet abyss. When working with recruiters, resumes are not only sent directly to the hiring manager, but the resumes are highly filtered to be sure that a qualified candidate has been found beyond the resume.

Job boards are not able to prescreen resumes and instead flood companies with mostly unqualified candidates, making it impossible for hiring managers and HR professionals to keep up with the number of resumes.

Why work with a Recruiter instead of applying online?
  • There is no filtering system for the hundreds of resumes that comes in through the job boards
  • Recruiters take the time to prescreen the candidates and make sure they have the right match
  • When candidates send their resume in through a job board, there is no telling where their resume ends up; recruiters are able to bring resumes directly to the key decision makers
  • Recruiters know the industry which, enables them to help candidate’s determine the right career path for them
  • Recruiters meet with candidates in order to understand the candidate’s qualifications that go beyond the resume"
Read the full article here at Job Board vs. The Recruiter.

Source: Job Board vs. The Recruiter; Softworld; Michael Moutsoulas, Lead Delivery Manager-Engineering; 07/15/2014.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

August 2014 Newsletter

Surgical Nurse Recruiter

Now Hiring: Nursing Leaders Nationwide

Dear Job Seekers,

My name is Heather Helton with Surgical Nurse Recruiter, a division of The Clinical Recruiter, a nationwide healthcare placement firm. I am currently conducting a search for several Surgical Services Nursing opportunities and it was brought to my attention that you have surgery nursing experience and could potentially know of someone who might be interested.

I would love a chance to speak with you about any of your connections who you think could be a fit.  It would also be an excellent chance for us to network.  If you are open to having a brief conversation or know someone who would be, please contact me.

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